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Final Video - Video Entry

by tomgoddard | 14 March 2013

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I show a couple neutralizing antibodies binding to the HIV spike. The antibody binding the gp120 head has to get by the sugars shown in yellow which defend the virus well against the human immune system. The second antibody binds the gp41 stalk which may be a more accessible but is close to the lipid membrane which may interfere with binding. Antibodies are not used in current clinical AIDS therapies although a small group of elite controller patients have antibodies that can suppress but not eliminate the virus. The animation goes on and shows a couple small molecule inhibitors binding to the capsid protein that coats the conical core particle. Virus mutations defeat these inhibitors within a few weeks so they also are not viable AIDS therapies.

I made this video as a demonstration of animation capabilities of the molecular visualization program UCSF Chimera. It was entirely done in Chimera.

This entry should not be considered for the contest prizes as I am the Chimera developer who added AutoPack support and work with Graham Johnson. I made it for a talk about Chimera and thought it would be nice to post to the contest to illustrate what molecular viewers can do.

Final Video Milestone

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