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Final Image - Image Entry

by Jassar | 15 March 2013


I've decided to do some tweaks on my entry: I have altered the look of the CD4s a bit and added more minor details to the virus.

Story: This is my final entry. We are looking at an HIV virus while it is binding with the CD4 receptors (the white worm-looking things) of a T-Cell (we can see a small part of it in the right bottom corner). The HIV virus uses its gp120 trimers to achieve this. This is a dramatic moment, for after that, the virus merges with the T-Cell before it is reborn.

Tools used:

-HIVBloodSerum was constructed using AutoPACK

-Rendered separate layers of objects in Blender (I did this because Blender became very heavy on my laptop and I had to work with separate parts instead of the whole thing).

-Minimal sculpting (bumps) for the T-Cell using zbrush and loaded the maps into blender to texture the T-Cell model for final rendering.

-loaded everything into Photoshop for post processing and final effects.

Final Image Milestone

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