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by Crush | 18 March 2013



My entry is focussed on the moment a HIV virion buds off a T Helper Cell. It's about birth, rebirth, death. A violent process which weakens the T Cell and unleashes a newborn deadly foe into the body.

It is also an ongoing evolutionary competition between something simple and incredibly tiny and a large and complex system of biochemical reactions.

Imagine HIV as a radiating force, which draws energy from the body and provokes heavy responses from the immune system in a spiral of destructive interactions.

I wanted to explore the idea of a strange yet beautiful universe, a fascinating glimpse into something otherworldly. Just try something different than the usual TEM graphics or gelatinous blobs.

I thought of deep sea creatures with translucent skins, bioluminescent cores and glowing antennae. Strange yet beautiful.


Used AutoPack in 3DS MAX 2013 for the HIV (1.4) and Blood Serum (1.0) components. Modelled the Cell surface and HIV receptors in 3DS MAX and ZBrush. Used Multiscatter and Particle Flow to rearrange provided model components. Shaded, lighted and rendered in 3DS MAX using VRay. All texturing is completely procedural. Composited as 16Bit image in Photoshop.

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